TOMBSTONE - Hill Family Cemetery - Steubenville, OH -


According to the map below drawn in Oct 1904, there were several more tomstones than there were in 2002 when I visited the cemetery. One of the librarians in the genealogy section of the library in Steubenville said they had heard that many of the old tombstones had been vandalized and pitched down over the hillside next to the cemetery.

Missing tombstones:

Elizah Gill
Mrs. Gill
Pat Toole
Paulman Children
Baby John Clendening
Henry Vankirk
William Stroud
Mrs. Stroud (possibly Susanna Dixon- born 1789 and died after 1850)
Aquilla Stroud (1784 - 1850)
Rose Metcalf
E. Metcalf
Samuel Hill
Sara Jane Erwin
Eleanor Erwin
Margaret Blackburn
Samuel Erwin
Eleanor Erwin
Robert Erwin
Wm. Gould
Mary Gould
Caroline Kneff
Maggie Kneff
Mary Ann Kneff
Benjamin Kneff
Addie Kneff
Kate Worley's Baby



Hill Cemetery map
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