I have done extensive research at the Washington County courthouse and have transcribed several death records that pertain to Beallsville burials. I have also ordered many death certificates for my ancestors that are buried in Beallsville. The following pages are transcriptions of the basic information. I have tried to be as accurate as possible.

The birth and death records at the Washington County courthouse cover the years 1893 - 1906. Book # 1 covers 1893 - 1900, Book # 2 covers 1901 - 1906.

One thing that I noticed is that often there is a difference in death date between the Beallsville interment listing and the courthouse records. Many times when there is no tombstone in Beallsville, it appears that the date recorded as the death date in their interment listing may actually be the burial date.

I have also provided links to a website that has funeral records transcribed and several Beallsville burials are included in the listing.

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I have been transcribing some of the Washington County death records from microfilm of the original ledgers. I am concentrating on burials in the following cemeteries: Beallsville, Taylor, Westland, Scenery Hill, Buckingham, Millsboro. I have finished the first volume which covers 1893 - 1900. The second volume covers 1901 - 1906. Some of this is a duplicate of the original list above.


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