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fallen stone that has a broken corner
unknown tombstone fallen face down
fallen face down, can't be read, partially buried with grass
tipping stone
in danger of tipping because the ground below has caved in


Beallsville Cemetery is a non-profit organization. Their three main sources of income are from the sale of burial lots, burial fees, and fees for pouring the concrete foundations for the tombstones. The cemetery is quickly filling up so these sources of income are decreasing.

Because of this limited income, the cemetery is not able to undertake some of the restoration projects that they would like to. There are many very large and heavy tombstones that have fallen over and need to be reset on their foundations. Special equipment needs to be rented for this. Others stones are in danger of falling over and they need to be reset. There are some stones that have been broken and are in need of repair. Some stones have been down for so long, especially in the Old Section, that they are partially buried with grass and these need to be excavated and reset on foundations.

The list goes on and this is where you can help. The Cemetery would gratefully accept any monetary donations you would like to send so that the they can carry out some of the projects on their wish list. Most people don't consider the fact that cemeteries are continuous caregivers for burial plots for generations. Beallsville Cemetery is still caring for plots dating back to 1823 without any incoming financial assitance. Your generosity in helping us continue to keep Beallsville Cemetery beautiful and in good condition will be greatly appreciated.

To keep you informed we will have a Projects page on this website. When we receive enough funding to undertake a special project we will post before and after photos so you can see what your contributions have done. Thank you !!

Please send to:

Beallsville Cemetery

P.O. Box 240 - 32 Chestnut St

Beallsville, PA 15313

attn: Superintendent


people photos
photos of your ancestors buried in Beallsville


historical accounts, stories, military service, etc


We would like this website to be more than just a list of names and dates ( though for you fellow genealogy researchers sometimes just finding that information necessitates celebration). We would like to put faces and stories with as many people that are buried here as possible.

If you have old photos of your ancestors, obituaries, miltary service information, family stories, newspaper articles, etc. that you would like to share, we would love to hear from you.

Please mail copies of your information (please do not send anything that you need back !) to

Beallsville Cemetery

P.O. Box 240 - 32 Chestnut Street

Beallsville, PA 15313

attn: website admin

or email us at website admin

Please include as much information about your items as possible.

We thank you in advance for your contributions to making this website a wonderful resource for researchers.

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