Minute Book 1862 - 1889


minute book

Bell, Martha A. Martha A. Bell, daughter of Samuel & Minerva Bell; died March 31st, 1863 aged 33 years; consumption
Cook, Hannah Hannah Cook died April 3, 1863 of Old age, ages 91 years
Craven, Rezin Rezin Craven died april 9th 1863; consumption, aged 46 years
Freeman, Amanda Amanda daughter of Wm & Rebecca Freeman died April 28, 1863 aged 30 years; consumption
Hawkins, Gideon H Gideon H. Hawkins died July 3rd 1863 at Cumberland of dyptheria aged -- years
Morton, William William son of Steven & Rebecca Morton died July 8th 1863 of dyptheria aged -- years
Morton, Rebecca Rebecca wife of Steven Morton died July 1862 of dyptheria aged -- years
Crouch, Mary Eldora Mary Eldora daughter of Nathan & Phoebe Crouch died August 14th 1863 of dysentery aged 2 years & 7 mos
Borom, George George Borom son of Richard & Elizabeth Borom died of croup (?) Oct 17, 1863 aged -- years
Dunston, Mary Mary Dunston daughter of Uriah & --- dunston died December 13th 1863 dyptheria aged -- years
Dunston, Thomas Thomas Dunston son of Uriah & -- Dunston died December 23, 1863 aged -- years
Young, Charley Charley Young son of John A. and Elizabeth Young died Sept 30, 1863 dyptheria aged -- years
Whitsett, Anna J. Anna J. daughter of Dr. Jas E. & Clara Whitsett died Feb 19th 1864 Scarleteria aged 3 years & 3 mos


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