Old Section map part 3

old section map part 3 Isabell Smith tombstone Unknown tombstone Franklin and Oliver Unknown tombstone Catharine B. Price tombstone David Mitchell tombstone Andrew J. Floyd tombstone Sarah Markley tombstone Nancy Markley tomstone Unknown tombstone Unknown tombstone Unknown tombstone Reuben Smith tombstone Alice Smith tombstone William Crawford tombstone Allen W. Crawford tombstone Unknown tombstone Naomi White tombstone George Snyder tombstone Unknown tombstone Morgan Hilles tombstone ---eant Craven tombstone Willington Snyder tombstone Stephen Mcgill tombstone Unknown Mcgill tombstone Amanda Deems tombstone Margaret A. Marsh tombstone Isaac Bishop tombstone Benjamin McCarty tombstone ----bie McGill tombstone Mary Jane McGill tombstone Cuthbert Combs tombstone William Combs tombstone Mary A. Combs tombstone Ja--- Sargent tombstone Mary McCarty tombstone Rachel Ann Lane tombstone William R. Zollars tombstone Catharine Zollars tombstone Eliza Ann Bishop tombstone Mary Eliza Bishop tombstone Snyder Children tombstone Son Watson tombstone Isabella Kenedy tombdstone Elizabeth Regester tombstone James Greenfield tombstone Clementine Greenfield  tombstone Casandra Greenfield tombstone Sarah Thornburg tombstone Malon Thornburgh tombstone Anne Cook tombstone Stephen Golden tombstone --abell Smalley tombstone Unknown tombstone Daniel Frederick tombstone James Morgen tombstone Margaret Weaver tombstone Jacob Diven tombstone Daniel Leonard tombstone Lucretia Leonard tombstone

Go to the index page for the Old Section and look under lot #. The number in that column corresponds to the number on these maps. The next map continues from the far right of this piece of the map.

Or you can click on the number on this map and be linked to the burial information.

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