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1852 East Bethlehem Twp list of voters

1852 East Bethehem Twp List of Voters

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In one of the boxes of family history "stuff" that I inherited from my Grandfather Hill, was a small booklet that was handwritten and contained a list of voters for East Bethlehem Township, Washington Co, PA for 1852. I sent scanned images to a distant cousin of mine who is a local historian for that area of Washington Co and he put together a typed transcript of the names along with a forward explaining the list and the background. A copy of this list can be found at Citizen's Library in Washington PA. The following is the forward.

Maybe it will help with someone's research. Make sure you check the end of the list as there are names that were added at the end of the booklet and they are not in alphabetical order.

The names on the following pages are of the registered voters of East Bethlehem Township, Washington County, PA. 1852. They were found in a small booklet in the pssession of Debbie Hill Day, great great great granddaughter of David Ruble. David Ruble (1800 - 1870) resided on Barneys Run Road in what is now Centerville Borough formerly a part of East Bethlehem Township. This booklet was in a box of old papers, pictures, etc. that came from David Ruble's estate. No doubt David Ruble was involved with the election board in 1852.
As one reads this list of names, keep in mind that not all the adult male residents of East Bethlehem Township were registered to vote just as you will find in the lists of today. Also the boundaries of East Bethlehem Township changed from time to time since its formation in 1790. The town of Millsboro was set off as a bourough in 1840 and did not become a part of East Bethlehem Township again until 1878 when Millsboro Borough was dissolved. Centerville Borough and Deemston Borough were later created out of East Bethlehem Township reducing considerably the size of the Township as we find it today.
We are indeed indebted to Debbie Hill Day, daughter of David Hill and granddaugther of the late Heston Hill, for sharing the information in this little booklet that we might copy it and prepare for the use of the general public working on genealogy in this area. We believe it is another tool in genealogical research. We found it very helpful and interesting as we hope you will.
Yvonne Frank Liberatore
W. Floyd Gillis

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