Beallsville Cemetery from the air.

The "Hedge" section gets its name from a hedge that used to run the length of the cemetery by the road. The "Pump" section is named for the old fashioned water pump that is located there. The Public section is nicknamed the "Jungle" section due to the large number of trees. Many of the immigrants who worked in the coal mines are buried in this section, usually in rows in the order they died. There are no family plots in that section. The "Old" section has some of the earliest burials and there are no written records for that part. The only information left is from the tombstones that remain. The "Singles" section has 1 and 2 person burial lots as opposed to the larger family plots in the rest of the cemetery. "BC" stands for below curb. No one quite knows where the other names and lettering system came from.

The oldest sections of the cemetery are Old (of course), Hedge, Pump.


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