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Index for Hill Family Cemetery located in Steubenville, OH and related family information

Broomhoffer, Francis Yes .
Clendening, Baby John No .
Erwin, Eleanor No .
Erwin, James S. Yes .
Erwin, Robert No .
Erwin, Sara Jane No .
Gill No .
Gill, Elizah No .
Gill, Mrs. No .
Gould, Mary No .
Gould, William No .
Hill, Benjamin K. Yes Yes
Hill, Catherine Yes .
Hill, George Yes .
Hill, Infant Son Yes .
Hill, James Yes .
Hill, James . Yes
Hill, Lovenia A. Yes .
Hill, Margaret Odbert Yes .
Hill, Maria Kneff Yes Yes
Hill, Martha A. Yes .
Hill, Mary Ann Sherrard . Yes
Hill, Mary Warren Yes yes
Hill, Robert Yes Yes
Hill, Robert (H?) Yes .
Hill, Rosamond Yes .
Hill, Rosamond E. Yes .
Hill, Samuel No yes
Hill, Stephen W.  Yes yes
Hill, William M. Yes .
Infant Yes .
Kneff, Addie No .
Kneff, Benjamin No .
Kneff, Caroline No .
Kneff, Ellanora Yes .
Kneff, Maggie No .
Kneff, Maria Yes .
Kneff, Maria No .
Kneff, Mary Ann No .
Kneff, Nancy Yes .
Kneff, William A.  Yes .
Metcalf, E No .
Metcalf, John T. Yes .
Metcalf, Rose No .
Metcalf,Laura P. Yes .
Odbert, John . Yes
Paulman No .
Robbie Yes .
Stroud, Aquilla No .
Stroud, Dora Yes .
Stroud, Frank Yes .
Stroud, Mary Yes .
Stroud, Stephen Yes .
Stroud, Warnetta Yes .
Stroud, Thomas Yes .
Stroud, William No .
Toole, Pat No .
Unknown Yes .
Unknown Yes  
Vale, Lawrence . Yes
Vankirk, Henry No .
Worley, Baby No .


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