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This cemetery is very hard to find. Some of the photos are not very good but I was taking them rather quickly. There were gunshots in the distance, 4-wheel off road vehicles racing around, lots of thorn bushes and undergrowth and I was watching for snakes at the same time so I was a little distracted !!
 I have found two other transcriptions of this cemetery. One is located in the "Miscellaneous Cemeteries of Washington County" books that are in Citizens Library in Washington. This transcript was done in the 1930s. Another one is in the Keyhole quarterly publications also in Citizens Library. I compared the two listings with my photos and came up with the list below. I do know that there are a few Revolutionary War veterans here but I have to verify which ones they are. I'll add that later.

Directions to cemetery:

As you come into Beallsville on Route 40 from Washington you will pass the Beallsville Cemetery on the left and at the bottom of that hill is a stop light. Make a right at that light and almost immediately you come to a fork in the road. Stay to the right toward Marianna. Follow this windy road for a while and you will come to another fork. Again stay to the right toward Marianna. Shortly after that you will pass through an area with houses on both sides of the road and on the left will be an old gas station. Almost immediately after the gas station is an unmarked road to the right. Take this right turn (this is almost exactly 5 miles from the light in Beallsville). If you pass a school bus parking lot on the right you've gone too far. Once on this small road you will pass a white house on the right and then a light grey storage shed. Across from this storage shed on the left is a small grassy turn out that you can tell cars have parked on. Pull in there. You would be facing a big tree that is overgrown with vines. On the back side of this tree is an abandoned red brick house. This is the old Wise House. From where you parked, look to the right and you can see a grassy "road" that goes off into the fields and woods. Walk down that road and when you come to the fork stay to the left and you will be heading down hill. If you look hard into the woods on the left at this point you will start to see the tombstones. Keep walking a short while and you will come to an obvious break in the raspberry bushes and other growth.
If you go at a time when the trees are not full, you can see the largest tall white obelisk tombstone from the back of the Wise house - that's the only way that I was lucky enough to find the cemetery after I found the house.

NOTE: If anyone is researching this family line and can fill in who some of these people are (for example C.H. or E.Z.) please let me know. The Wise, Zollars and Hill families are all allied lines to my family genealogy.


Wise family Cemetery Index

Booze, Samuel
Helft, George
Crumrine, Peter
Crumrine, Rebecca
Davis, Sarah Ida
Davis, Lindley
Donston, Susannah
E. Z.
F. W.
Fowler, Elizabeth
Gibson, Mary
Hill, Leona
Piper, Emma B.
Wise, Adam
Wise, Adam
Wise, Anabelle
Wise, Andrew
Wise, Barbara
Wise, David
Wise, Elizabeth
Wise, Ellen
Wise, Emily
Wise, Esther
Wise, Fannie P.
Wise, Frederick
Wise, Isaac
Wise, Jane
Wise, Joseph
Wise, Joseph
Wise, Joseph Jr.
Wise, Martha Jess
Wise, Mary R
Wise, Nicholas
Wise, Pamela
Wise, Permelia
Wise, Rachel
Wise, Unknown
Wise, Zeruiah
Zollars, Demas
Zollars, Eliza
Zollars, Elizabeth
Zollars, Hannah
Zollars, Jacob
Zollars, William
Zollars, Wm Walker

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